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Video Plates & Backings, LLC specializes in producing driving plates for VFX and interactive lighting and large scale images for LED set backings. Explore our driving plate library of over 3000 driving plates or contact us with your custom plate needs. Forget Insert Cars, Process Trailers, Cops, permits, safety concerns, and weather. Our 9-camera 360° 4k camera rig allows us to easily go places a process trailer can’t. We use our decades of experience finding interesting locations to supply extraordinary content for your driving scenes and moving images for your set backings. Never worry about spending $100,000 on a static backing and get stuck with that same three cars and trees that never move for five seasons. You can still have grips shake the bushes if you like!

Driving Plate Guides

What is a driving plate?

A driving plate is a video captured from the perspective of an occupant inside a moving vehicle. These videos are used in composited VFX shots or onstage playback and are positioned outside of the windows of a static vehicle so that it appears to be moving. The use of driving plates instead of a process trailer can allow for greater creative control, more interesting shots, cost savings for a production, and of course... a safer crew! Several angles are captured such that any perspective can be matched. Most camera set ups will use one or more cameras simultaneously capturing the action around the plate capture vehicle. Advanced set ups will capture additional angles to be used for realistic reflections in mirrors and on the body of the vehicle.

What are the advantages of using driving plates in my production?

One of the big advantages to using driving plates for your driving shots is the improvement on safety. Driving plates offer greater safety for crew and less hassle with permitting than a process trailer or free drive shots can offer. These sequences are able to be filmed on a quiet sound stage or be created using VFX.

Driving plates also offer a lot of creative control. The ability to utilize a sound stage allows for interesting camera movement with less technical overhead. In the 3D environment of visual effects almost any shot is possible and onstage playback can be used in interesting interactive ways such as queuing actors during sequences and bringing realistic lighting elements to otherwise sterile vehicle interiors and reflective surfaces.


When you are looking to buy driving plates for your film or television show you have a number of options when working with us.

Many shows find that we have exactly what they need in our library. However, if you need plates from a specific place we haven’t shot yet or if there is some specific action that you may need as part of your narrative we would usually recommend starting a dialog with us around shooting custom plates. Reach out to us via the email or phone on our contact page.

If you are specifically purchasing driving plates VFX companies will be using be sure to inquire about the resolution the particular company wants to work with ahead of time. If your production has chosen a 4K driving plate but the post house requires 1080p the footage will need to be rendered at a decreased resolution. This adds additional time and is best to be accounted for upfront.

On a similar note if you are using our plates for playback whether it be LED video walls or rear projection make sure you talk to the company that will be displaying the footage for you during your shoot. Different companies use different media servers. They may require a specific resolution, frame rate, or video codec in order to give you the best result on the day. It’s important to get all these details right upfront so that any render time can be accounted for.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help working through any of these specifics. We know the use of driving plates is still new to a lot of productions and crew members and that’s ok. We are here to help with any questions you may have and to help facilitate a smooth experience.

About Our Driving Plate Library

Welcome to our driving footage library. Below is a map showing all current locations we have footage from. Occasionally we don't have the exact city or state you are looking for or the exact type of road/look in that city or state. Not to fear.  We are pretty great at finding the same look you are going for somewhere else in our library so if you run into this please drop us a line at info@videoplatesandbackings.com . We check email as often as we can but have been very busy this year shooting custom content for shows and may be on the road. Please allow 24 hours for an email response. If you need an answer right away call 678-551-2811 .

Using Filters On Our Site

On any of our library pages you can use filters to help you in your search for the perfect footage. For example you could filter by "driving plates", "Los Angeles, CA", and then some more specific criteria like "downtown" and "industrial" . You can add as many of these as are applicable to your search to help you narrow down the plates that might fit your needs. Keep in mind that sometimes you can find great choices by deleting some of your "city" and "state" filters and just using "location" filters. We have tried to make our site as easy to use as possible but we are always here to help. If you have any questions or can't seem to find what you need. Email us and we probably be able to send you a list of potential choices that will fit what you are looking for.

Quality you can count on...

We know the film industry can be rough when it comes to time constraints. Things change at a moment's notice in pursuit of the best possible product. Time spent solving unexpected problems is time (and frankly, money) you can’t make up. That’s why we have taken the liberty of developing our process from beginning to end with you and all relevant players in mind. Have peace of mind knowing the footage you receive from us will flow into the hands of production and post-production without the slightest hiccup.

We shoot all of our driving plates in ProRes 422 HQ which has remained the industry standard 10-bit format since forever. The beautiful log profile captured by our state of the art cameras allows for wondrously awe inspiring colors to be achieved.

Complete creative freedom without compromise. Our footage takes you there.